PürScent - The All Natural Body Deodorizer


PürScent - The All Natural Body Deodorizer


Body Odor Support - Head to Toe

The all-natural copper-free head-to-toe body odor neutralizing capsule.

Using advanced nutritional absorption techniques and natural chemistry this twice-a-day tablet delivers natural and gluten-free compounds and minerals to your body that cleanse and deodorize your body from the inside out leaving you feeling fresh, clean, and confident.

Avoiding the use of heavy metals such as Copper this product utilizes the absorption enhancing and detoxifying mineral Magnesium to deliver its potent formulation to perform the function of helping neutralize all body odors.

pürscent has been scientifically and meticulously formulated to deliver effective results while keeping its ingredients well within safe and documented daily suggested limits.

The encapsulated pill is smooth, small and easy to take. It delivers potent compounds safely and comfortably into your system without staining your mouth and teeth or leaving you with a bad taste.

So, no more masking odors with perfume and cologne. No more aerosol sprays. No more applying potentially dangerous aluminum based deodorant. Use the safe, simple, and natural solution to eliminate body odors from head to toe and everywhere in between.

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